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本文摘要:Klouts new business dashboard, rolling out today, will offer a granular using at which social networks brands are seeing the most (and least) traction.Klout近日发售全新企业仪表板,获取细化信息,协助企业理解自身品牌在哪个社交网站最不具人气、在哪个网站最不具吸引力。


Klouts new business dashboard, rolling out today, will offer a granular using at which social networks brands are seeing the most (and least) traction.Klout近日发售全新企业仪表板,获取细化信息,协助企业理解自身品牌在哪个社交网站最不具人气、在哪个网站最不具吸引力。Klout, the analytics startup that aims to measure users influence across their social networks, is going after businesses. The San Francisco-based venture, which launched in 2008, is launching Klout for Business, a portal intended to be used by big-name brands to better understand their online audiences.社交影响力分析网站Klout致力于取决于用户在自身社交网络中的影响力,现在它开始谋求企业用户。这家2008年于旧金山正式成立的初创企业目前发售了企业版Klout(Klout for Business),即一个目的协助各大品牌理解自身在线受众的门户网站。Today, Klout is making available a free analytics dashboard for companies with features that allow them to learn how influential their fans and followers are, which social networks the brand resonates most (or least) with, which social networks they should use more, which topics about the brand are most popular, and which moments—a Tweet or Facebook (FB) update, for example—get the most attention.日前,Klout公布了针对企业的免费分析工具,协助各公司理解自己的粉丝和追随者的影响力,自己的品牌与哪个社交网站最有回响,又与哪个最格格不入,自己应当多利用哪个社交网络,关于自身品牌的什么话题最热门,以及哪个“时刻”——比如Tweet或Facebook上的一条改版——最不受注目。

Later this spring, the company will also introduce a Groups feature. Klout Groups will operate somewhat similarly to Facebook Groups, although they will only include the most influential people on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. The feature will allow companies to know, broadly, in which social networks members are particularly influential. Pricing will vary on a case by case basis. Klout currently draws the lions share of its revenues from Klout Perks, a rewards program that encourages social media influencers to share information about brands. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told Fortune he expects these to flip next year once Groups get off the ground.Klout将于一季度末发售新功能群组。Klout群组和Facebook群组有些类似于。



The third part of Klouts business strategy will include tools so brands can interact and engage directly with their influencers, from polls to targeted perks. At this years South by Southwest, Cirque du Soleil and Klout provided users who downloaded the mobile app and were at the festival various prizes.Klout还打算了第三项业务。它计划发售多种工具,协助各大品牌与社交大号对话,或是必要对他们给与鼓舞。这些工具涵括了从投票调查到精准奖励的多种功能。

今年的西南偏南音乐节(South by Southwest)期间,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)和Klout就向那些亲赴音乐节,同时iTunes了该移动应用程序的用户派发了各种奖品。Will it work? That remains to be seen. Klout is no stranger to controversy. The companys very launch generated much discussion of the importance of measuring influence on the growing social Web. Later, controversy then shifted to Klout scores themselves. Because outsiders were unsure of how scores were achieved, they questioned their validity. (Indeed, at one point, President Obama ranked lower than tech influencer Robert Scoble. Wait, what?) That issue was allayed thanks a major redesign late last year that offered a more accurate calculation of scores as well as transparency into how they are measured.效果到底如何?目前还不得而知。Klout是一家倍受争议的公司。


这怎么有可能?)迫使压力,Klout在去年年底对评分系统展开了大幅度调整,分数计算出来更为准确,评分过程也更为半透明。大家的怨气再一稍微平息。Since then, Klout has matured and gained more acceptance among consumers, thanks in part to a partnership with Microsofts (MSFT) Bing search engine. The company tripled revenue last year and expects to make in the low double-digit millions this year. Theres a hitch, however. A friend came in and told me that 10 out of 10 CMOs [chief marketing officers] that I talk to know what Klout is—so we have brand recognition—but 0 out of 10 know you do anything for brands, says Matt Thomson, Klouts VP of Business Development and Platform. Todays announcements are intended to address this.此后,Klout渐渐成熟期,并深得消费者的接纳,一定程度上是因为它与微软公司合于(Bing)搜索引擎的合作伙伴关系。