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本文摘要:Films and TV shows are already effective at tugging our heartstrings or putting us on the edge of our seats.电影和电视节目早已相当大程度上的击发着我们的心弦,让我们在座位上看得如痴如醉。


Films and TV shows are already effective at tugging our heartstrings or putting us on the edge of our seats.电影和电视节目早已相当大程度上的击发着我们的心弦,让我们在座位上看得如痴如醉。But new technology could be about to make the small screen a great deal more immersive.但是新的科技将不会使看电视的人更为沉浸于其中。

Researchers are developing ways of generating emotions through the sense of touch, smell and taste that could lead to what the designers are calling 9D TV.研究者们于是以致力于研究通过触感、嗅觉和味觉来产生情感的方法,也就是生产所谓的9D电视。While current cutting-edge 3D TVs help turn flat images into an experience that has depth and distance, it is often not enough to create truly compelling viewing, explained the researchers.研究者们说明说,现今先进设备的3D电视需要使平面图像具备深度和广度,使其栩栩如生,但却还足以建构出有确实激动人心的视觉体验。

Instead, the team based at the University of Sussex in Brighton is developing a system that uses bursts of air to stimulate different parts of the hand.忽略,在英国布莱顿苏塞克斯大学工作的一支团队正在研究一种系统,通过阵风,性刺激手掌有所不同方位的神经,令其用户产生各种情绪。Separate regions of the hand have been linked with generating certain emotions - although the emotion triggered can depend on the location and force of the touch, for example.比如,尽管所唤起的情感各不相同触碰的方位和力度,但手有所不同的区域早已与产生特定的情感联系一起。The device being developed in Brighton, built by electronics firm Ultrahaptics, takes advantage of this research to touch hands in a way that conveys a range of emotions from happiness and sadness to excitement or fear.超强触觉电子公司生产了一种设备,现于是以于布莱顿研发,这项设备需要利用这个研究在一定程度上触碰手部,使其表达一系列的情感,从幸福和哀伤到兴奋或惧怕。

It works by using ultrasound speakers to produce a flow of air that can be transmitted to a persons skin.通过用于超声波扬声器,它能使空气流动,从而流动的空气能传输信号到人体的皮肤。By using short sharp bursts of air to the area around the thumb, index finger and middle part of the palm to generate excitement, for example. To create sad feelings, the air is used to create a slow and moderate stimulation of the outer palm and the area around the pinky.例如用急促的风拇指、食指及手掌,令人产生激动感觉,或用慢而圆润的风手掌边及尾指,令人实在伤心等。如果装置因应电视用于,坚信用户看电视时会更加投放。The group is now starting to develop similar technology that exploits our sense of smell and taste.这个团队现在开始研究类似于的技术,使其需要研发我们的嗅觉和味觉。

The result would be a 9D TV that combines vision, sound, touch, smell and the five tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.而研究的结果将是9D电视,融合了视觉、听力、触觉、嗅觉及甜、酸、厌、咸、鲜五种味觉。Dr Marianna Obrist, who led the work at the department of informatics at the University of Sussex, said combined together they could bring all of our senses into the experience of watching television.玛瑞安那·奥布里斯特教授在苏塞克斯大学信息系领导这项工作,她说,9D电视将这些结合一起,需要让我们在看电视时造就所有感官。Early research by her team has shown that taste can be used to convey certain experiences.这个团队早期的研究指出,味觉往往需要表达某种体验。


Participants in a trial study experienced sweet tastes as being smooth or round while sour was more spikey.参予尝试性研究的人们体验到,甜味更为稳定或是圆润,而酸味更为“锐利”。Similarly, her group found it could establish smell stories for participants by finding smells they associated with particular experiences.类似于的,她的团队找到,他们需要为参与者创建“味道故事库”,也就是那些能和参与者的特定经历联系在一起的味道。There are already some technologies that attempt to manipulate the sense of taste and smell, such as electrically stimulating the tongue or releasing perfumes to replicate certain smells.早已有一些技术尝试去操纵人的味觉和嗅觉,比如用电性刺激舌头或获释香味来造出特定的味道。


Dr Obrist and her colleagues presented details of their Ultrahaptics device to the annual Computer Human Interface conference in South Korea.奥布里斯教授和她的同事在韩国年度计算机人机界面大会上展出了超强触觉设备的详细细节。She said: Relatively soon, we may be able to realise truly compelling and multi-faceted media experiences, such as nine-dimensional TV, or computer games that evoke emotions through taste.她回应,迅速将能确实的构建引人注目的和多层面的媒体体验,比如九维电视,或是通过味道引起情感的电脑游戏。While the first four senses are already well established or emerging, I am particularly intrigued by the potential of taste and exploiting the taste experiences in a media context.虽然前四种感官体验早已获得很好的研发,我却对味觉的潜力很感兴趣,正试图在媒介环境下去研发味觉体验。

Longer term, we will be exploring how multi-sensory experiences can benefit people with sensory impairments, including those that are widely neglected in Human-Computer Interaction research, such as a taste disorder.今后,我们还不会研究如何运用多感官体验教化于有感官病变的人们,还包括那些人机对话研究广泛忽视的人群,比如味觉障碍者。She said the technology could even be used to send emotions via mobile devices like smartphones.她说道,这项技术甚至能被用来通过智能手机等移动设备发送到情感。